State of Messaging

Messaging is in a poor state these days.

  • SMS is unencrypted
  • WhatsApp is proprietary software owned by an advertising company
  • Telegram tried to roll their own crypto
  • Signal is completely centralized and could roll out an update breaking their encryption at any moment
  • Jabber doesn’t seem to support E2E group chats and doesn’t have any reliable free providers
  • Email is slowly being replaced by Slack which itself provides no encryption AFAIK
  • Matrix E2E is in beta

Bedrock Linux

I’ve played around with Bedrock Linux for the last few hours. It looks like a really cool project.

It’s not really a full distro but rather a package manager for other distros. So for example you can run ‘brl fetch debian arch ubuntu’ and it will install Debian, Arch, and Ubuntu on your system.

You can also run apps cross distro. So if you have gimp installed in Arch but not Debian you can still run the Arch version of gimp while logged into Debian.



You know GDPR compliance is going to create a whole new entry point for hackers to impersonate users and send data requests to companies to get people’s info.